The Association of Tour Operators and Travel Agents of the Czech Republic

The Association of Tour Operators and Travel Agents of the Czech Republic
The Association of Tour Operators and Travel Agents of the Czech Republic
The Association of Tour Operators and Travel Agents of the Czech Republic
The Association of Tour Operators and Travel Agents of the Czech Republic
The Association of Tour Operators and Travel Agents of the Czech Republic


NET calls for policies that foster the competitiveness of the European tourism industry

A NET delegation comprising high level representatives from the European Private Sector in Tourism met with EU Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs Bieńkowska to discuss the main challenges and opportunities within the tourism sector.

Tourism is a key contributor to Europe’s competiveness. It is the third socio-economic activity which is mainly composed of small and medium-size enterprises 91% of which are microenterprises. Tourism accounts for 9% of the EU GDP and employs 10% of the total EU workforce. This translates to 13 million jobs1. It is also one of the key sectors to further contribute to economic growth and job creation, a President Juncker’s priority.
However, unless Europe is competitive in terms of tax and regulatory regime, destination appeal, perceptions of value and visa facilitation, Europe will continue to lose out. The loss is actual, not potential.
Discussions focused on NET suggestions on how to unlock the full potential of tourism to foster innovation, create jobs and stimulate economic growth.
The Commissioner’s support was sought for:
  • Continuing to raise awareness of and support the adoption of a smart Schengen visa policy to facilitate legitimate travellers from important tourism source markets, such as China, India and Russia;
  • Adoption of a well-functioning Single Market, with special focus on the Digital Single Market;
  • The simplification and streamlining of the regulatory framework for tourism, in particular as regards taxation. Avoid proliferation of taxes at various levels, which render Europe excessively costly and uncompetitive;
  • Upgrading skills and competences across the tourism sector in order to enhance the competitiveness of companies and keep on creating jobs.


Said Michel de Blust, Secretary General of ECTAA: “We are pleased about the very open and frank dialogue with Commissioner Bieńkowska. NET would like to ensure that tourism remains one of the priorities of the Commission. The issues discussed demonstrate that if Europe’s tourism is to remain competitive, an integrated policy approach is required, covering a wide spectrum of European policy areas such as Internal Market, taxation, home affairs, employment, consumer protection, competition, etc.”
Source: NET Press Release
NET, the Network for the European Private Sector in Tourism is a contact group of pan-European trade associations. Our members are: CLIA, ECTAA, EFCO&HPA, ETOA, HOTREC, IAAPA, IRU. NET’s purpose is to develop common goals for the tourism industry and work with policy makers and other partners to achieve them. For more information please email one of the NET members.


ECTAA: ECTAA and HATTA unite to address climate change and promote sustainable tourism

Throughout the summer, Greece witnessed repeated wildfires and torrential rains, underscoring the undeniable urgency of addressing climate change.


ECTAA: Air Belgium lets passengers and companies down: Failure to refund impacts customers and Travel Industry

Brussels, 21 September 2023 – The Belgian airline "Air Belgium" announced on Monday its decision to cease all passenger flights starting from 3 October 2023. While grappling with the fallout of this suddennannouncement, passengers and travel companies are left in dismay as Air Belgium fails to process any refunds for the affected bookings in the IATA Billing and Settlement System.


ECTAA, SUSTOUR: Register Now for the Event "Empowering European Tour Operators for Sustainable Futures"

Brussels, 11 September 2023. As the end of the EU-funded SUSTOUR project draws near, we remind interested stakeholders to register for the final hybrid event, "Empowering European Tour Operators for Sustainable Futures”.


ECTAA, SUSTOUR: Empowering European Tour Operators for Sustainable Futures

Final hybrid event of the SUSTOUR Project, Cascais, Portugal - 13-14 September 2023


European travel agents and tour operators meet to ensure that travelers can return to Rhodes and Corfu

Almost 100 representatives of travel agencies and tour operators from all of Europe participated in a workshop to take stock of the situation in Rhodes and Corfu. Holiday demand in these islands is still strong and the current situation requires a good knowledge of the suppliers and connection with local organizations and authorities.


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